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We Are The Florida Park Explorers!

Meet the Explorers! 

We are Dave, Jen & Bella the Explorer Family. As Disney FANATICS we decided to move to Orlando 4 years ago.  We moved here to go to the parks as often as possible.


When COVID hit we  like so many others were impacted greatly. Once we saw the 

impact on our streets and how creepy the empty park roads were as well as how it affected others who could not get here we felt we needed to start our channel.

Our ONLY Mission here is to bring you our viewer the BEST content by going and doing what you the viewer want us to do. From Rides and Food to Shows and Merch. Florida Park Explorers is here to bring the parks to you - Disney - SeaWorld - Legoland & soon Universal.

Say YES to NEW Adventures - JOIN The Explorers!

Thank You for Supporting Our Work

Hi  Explorers!

Thank you for All Your Support! We are humbled by how

many of you have joined our Live Streaming Community.

The greatest thing about the Live Streaming is our interaction with you, our fellow explorers! You make this so much more fun for us.

We thank you so much simply for watching. It truly means the world to us that you watch our goofy adventures.

Have a Magical Day!

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