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FPE Shopping Services

We Offer Some Unique Services for our Community. 


LAYAWAY - Gift Cards - Referral Program

Our Services

We Offer Layaway - Terms of Service:

20% Down of Total Invoice and Fees - Must Be Paid Within 24 Hours

Layaway Fee is 20% of TOTAL Invoice including ALL FEES

21 Days To Pay Off From Original Invoice Date

If Full Amount is NOT Paid Off On Time - Items will be returned and Deposit will be retained by FPE Media Group LLC.

Layaway is at the desecration of FPE Media Group LLC. Layaway IS NOT available on non returnable - Special or Limited Edition.

Failure to pay invoice within 48 hours will result in invoice defaulting to layaway status. If Down Payment is not made within 24 of conversion to layaway - items will be returned and shopper will go to prepay status for shopping. Prepay status for shopping will require purchasing gift card on FPE website and allowing it to clear prior to LIVE Buying.

FPE MEDIA GROUP LLC. Reviews and MUST APPROVE ALL LAYAWAY Transactions - FPE has the right to approve or deny anyone for ANY REASON - Conditions are subject to change without notice. FPE IS NOT to be held accountable and is insulated from all negative transactions and results. Shopper must reach out to FPE via email prior to purchasing or be subject to default status. 

Any Questions please reach out to FPE MEDIA GROUP LLC via this website.

Refer a NEW SHOPPER and receive $10 each shopping credit - 

$10 Credit applied AFTER NEW SHOPPERS 1st Purchase.

New SHopper MUST Inform Us of Referral During Sign up process on this website and not after.

Gift Cards are available for yourself or as Egift Card to send to anyone.

Any Questions please email FPE MEDIA GROUP LLC.


TERMS & CONDITIONS for Online Shopping and/or Pick-Ups

Terms & Conditions
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